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Dennis and Simon

London & County is a property investment and development group founded in 1997 by Dennis Baylin and Simon Blair.

Working on property across all asset classes, we combine a strategic and hands-on approach to management and development and aim to be flexible and quick to act. For small projects, we are able to achieve a high level of dynamism as we have extensive capital reserves that can be called upon in an instant to secure the purchase of property. We can also maintain this speed on very large projects as we have cast-iron facilities and arrangements in place to enable us to raise funds rapidly.

Drawing on over 50 years experience in property investment and development between us, we have a proven track record of finding seemingly unattractive propositions, planning effective and marketable solutions and executing those plans. The result is previously underperforming assets being transformed into highly profitable ventures

We work closely with our sister company .on many projects.

28 Manchester Street, London, W1U 7LE     t:020 7486 0050